Flying since 1948

Located in the "sunny" South East Corner of Ireland, the Wexford club is
made up of a friendly bunch of guys who enjoy building and flying a diverse
range of model aircraft.

The models flown range from fixed wing, trainers, combat, fun fly, aerobatic
and scale, a wide range of electric models, gliders and a number of

A feature of the club is regular indoor model flying meetings for small
electric planes and helicopters.

Our aim is to promote the sport of aeromodelling in the region, and
encourage newcomers to learn to fly safely in accordance with the rules of
the Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland.

To help us achieve this we have a "club plane" which newcomers can use.
We also offer help and advice for computer based flight simulator training

The club has it’s flying site in a safe and secure area in Taghmon, Co Wexford

2019 - 2020 Committee

President - Michael Kavanagh

Chairman - Tom Boggan

Secretary – Chris Clarke

Treasurer – Leslie Warren

P.R.O. - Denis Comerford

Safety – Paddy Fortune

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Lipo Batteries

How to get to the field

Go through Taghmon Main Street
Carry on to the top of the hill,
You will pass a childrens' playground on your right
Take the next lane on the left, immidiately after the housing estate on the left
Go down until you see a green container on the right

Co-Ordinates of flying field in decimal format: 52.328514N, 6.677530W
Or 52.328514, -6.677530
Or in degrees, minutes, seconds format, 52 19'42.7"N, 6 40'39.1"W

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Club Information, News and Events

The flying field is available to club members at all times
The official flying times are Wednesday evenings after 6 and Sunday noon

In the winter we fly indoors every second Thursday in
Kellys Hotel, Rosslare Strand starting at 8 pm

For new members we offer a new member startup discount

Technicl Information

Charging LiPo batteries

Li-Po batteries must be charged with a charger specifically designed for charging Li-Po batteries.
These batteries can not be charged with any other type of charger.
Single Li-Po cells are connected in series to make a Li-Po battery pack.
For example, a 3s Li-Po pack is made up of 3 batteries in series.
Each cell has a voltage of 3.7 Volts, therefore a 3s Li-Po pack has a voltage of 11.1 volts.
The C rating of a battery pack is the current it can deliver for one hour.
So, a 2200 mAH battery can deliver 2200 milliaps (or 2.2 amps) for one hour and its C rating is 2200 mA.
We recommend always using the charger in the balance charge mode and at the C rate.
This ensures that if the cell characteristics drift as the battery ages the battery is correctly charged
and each cell in the pack gets the correct voltage.
When storing LiPo batteries for a long time it's best to keep them cool and partially charged at
around 3.85 volts per cell. For a 3 cell pack, this would be 11.55 volts

For the technically minded

It is possible to charge Li-Po batteries using a variable voltage power supply with a
current limiting function. Note, each cell must be charged separately. Here's how.
Set the voltage of the power supply to 4.2 volts and the current limit to the C rating
of the battery. Next, connect the positive terminal of the power supply to the positive (red)
terminal of the cell and the negative terminal of the power supply to the negative terminal
of the cell (black)
Check to ensure the battery is not drawing more than the C rating.
As the cell charges, after about one hour, the cell's voltage will rise to 4.2 volts
and the current will fall. With the cell voltage at 4.2 volts, when the current falls
to 10% of its C value, the charging should be stopped and the cell disconected.
If this is a multi cell battery, the next cell should be charged and so on.
For manaully charging as described above, you will need to use the balance plug.


LiPo batteries must be handled and charged with care. Ovrcharging can cause fire
Never leave LiPo batteries charging unattended and store in a metal container if possible

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2014 BBQ Photos

2015 Bring And Buy at Kellys

2014 Christmas Lunch at Kellys

2015 Cliff Soaring At Rosslare Harbour

2018 New Members and one (possible ??) new member

Dinner at Mary Barry's 28th Sep 19

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